Woodland & Field Margin Management

Woodland & field margin management can form a critical part of managing a farm or an estate and there is still government money available to help, although many of the previous schemes such as the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and the Woodland Grant Scheme have come to an end. Some have been replaced whilst others have not. It is worth investigating what funding is currently available before undertaking any work.

We offer services that include thinning, pollarding, dead wood removal and field margin restoration. Many field boundaries and woodlands are populated with Elm suckers, a legacy of the great English Elm that fell victim to the Dutch Elm Disease in the early 1970’s. The suckers reach approximately 15-20 years in age and then are attacked by the beetle and die, consequently falling in to the field or ditch and causing obstruction.

We clear hedge lines, spinneys, woodlands and margins of the suckers, living and dead, to reduce the problem in the future. Willow pollards are also a common feature of farmland landscapes – we offer a pollarding service that usually involves burning the brushwood on site for ease and speed of working.

Woodland thinning is usually carried out for firewood production or for ‘skylighting’ for the benefit of game birds on farms and estates that are managed for their sporting potential. Due to the relative low value of small quantities of hardwood timber in the UK and the associated extraction costs involved, most thinning operations we have been involved in have been for bolstering the landowner’s log supplies!


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