Stump Grinding

When a tree has been removed and the area is required for replanting or incorporation back in to a lawn, border or raised bed, we are able to quickly and efficiently grind out the stump leaving the area free for replanting or turfing over. Tree stumps can present a trip hazard if left in an area of high footfall and are unsightly. Some species can take decades to completely rot away.
We offer a full stump grinding service, currently operating a large Vermeer 40HP diesel fully-hydraulic self-propelled grinder and a smaller Rayco 10HP manual-slew grinder that can be carried through a house if required. Both machines grind away the core of the tree stump and buttressing, leaving the surrounding roots severed which will rot away underground. The larger machine is capable of grinding any stump up to 5ft in diameter and to a depth of up to 1.75 ft.The smaller machine is capable of grinding any stump up to approximately 2ft in diameter and to a depth of up to 1ft.

The mulch produced from grinding mixes with the surrounding soil and is usually back-filled in to the hole left by the stump. If you would like the mulch removed from site, please let us know. This is not included within the normal rate for stump grinding and is an added cost. The mulch can be utilised as an excellent weed suppressant or border mulch so we normally recommend keeping it, and its cheaper!

Please note that in certain circumstances it may not be possible to grind away the entire stump due to the situation of the stump and the requirement of the use of the smaller machine or the presence of stone, concrete, kerb haunching or other tree roots. Please let us know beforehand what you intend to do with the area after the stump is removed. The removal of the stump to ‘just below soil level’ is a common request to allow for turfing over or reseeding, whereas if the area is to be replanted or dug away then the entire stump may need to be removed. The length of time taken to complete these different tasks has a direct bearing on price so please give us as much information as possible.

All operatives are NPTC qualified in the safe use and maintenance of these potentially dangerous machines. Where windows or immovable fragile objects are present near the work area or the machine is being used in a public place, boarding and barriers will be provided to protect from flying debris. We will use a CAT Cable Tracing Scanner before any grinding commences to ensure the work area is free from underground service cables or pipes. Please do inform us if you know of a cable in the vicinity (particularly broadband) as they can sometimes be hard to trace.

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