WINTER 2016/17

I write this post-Christmas in my warm office looking out at a wintry landscape – it’s a beautiful frosty morning outside; i’m only sad i’m not working as I love being outdoors in these conditions. You work harder to warm up! We are all enjoying our annual Christmas break. We finished work on 23rd. December and will return to normal working hours on 3rd. January 2017.

We have had an exceptionally busy end to the year and a good 2016 overall, characterised by a slower start to the year than usual and a busier end. We have been lucky with the weather so far this Winter – a couple of cold snaps and generally placid weather with little wind and some very mild days. It has been generally dry too, save the odd miserable day that one expects of a British Winter. The Autumn of 2016 was one of the latest I can remember, running at least 2 weeks behind average. The trees were late to lose their leaves with the usual Oak and Beech hanging on until last, The lack of stronger winds and the milder weather meant that the trees held their leaves for much longer than usual and the first sharp frosts in November eventually shifted the bulk of them to the floor. We had some lovely colours to behold this Autumn too by virtue of the gradual change in average temperatures and the Autumn sunshine.

We have just replaced Tom Davies who left us at the end of September after 5 years to move on to pastures new. Ed Williams will be starting work for us at the end of January and we are all looking forward to being back up to […]

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Now that Summer is firmly behind us and we have had the first (albeit light) frost of the Autumn, I have had a chance to draw breath after the busiest Summer we have experienced in 10 years of business and write this. We have managed to keep the weeks packed full with the generally good weather. Tom Davies who has been with the Company since January 2012 left to move on to pastures new at the end of September after nearly 5 years with us. He has decided to change careers and pursue a job that is less physically demanding after his knee injury earlier this year. We all wish him well and miss his cheerful nature and good humour already.

Declan is completing his Climbing and Aerial Rescue course next week with a view to be able to carry out aerial rescues for our main climbers if the need arises.

The log orders are beginning to pick up now after an exceptionally mild September and early October – the mild Winter last year meant that many people had a surplus of wood so we have seen a quieter start to the season than normal. We have another excellent stock of seasoned wood for sale this year ready for immediate dispatch.

The Autumn is slow to get underway with many trees still in full green leaf. The Acers and younger Ash and Poplar are starting to turn and some lovely colours are starting to develop. The cool nights and warm days aid the development of Anthocyanins, the coloured pigments that develop from the breaking down of the green chlorophyll, so we should see a good show of colour this year if we hang on to the warm […]

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Winter 2015/16

2016 is a milestone year for the Company as it is 10 years since I graduated from College and set up the business on my own with an old Land Rover Discovery and a trailer, a couple of chainsaws and a lot of very ‘green’ energy and enthusiasm! A part-time employee soon followed and the Company was born. I remember those early days well, climbing on a 3 knot system, burning everything we could wherever we could and dreaming of a chipper and a shiny new van..

We have gone from strength to strength in recent years and I would like to personally thank all of our customers, particularly the many regular clients that come back to us year after year for all of your support over the last 10 years. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Winter 2015-16 has been characterised by a warm start and a cold end! We have seen huge variations in temperature and rainfall, confusing trees and plants with an unusually mild December and January. Daffodils were blooming in cities in early February and I saw several Hawthorn breaking bud towards the end of the month.

Nevertheless, we have had a very busy few months with a fair smattering of ‘extreme weather events’ (windy days!) to add to the regular workload, clearing up windblown material and the odd fallen tree.

We had the difficult job of negotiating the fate of the Iffley Horse Chestnut in February. This magnificent old Veteran, estimated at around 250 years old, stands outside St. Mary’s church in Iffley. It has sadly been in accelerated decline over the past 5 years and a Tree Inspection carried out by Oxford City Council gave 2 options, […]

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Summer 2015 News

We have had a very busy Summer so far and most of the team are taking a well earned holiday as I write this during what is normally our quiet time. We are, however still very busy and I am just about to head off on Honeymoon after getting married in July so frantic last minute work scheduling is the order of the day today. We look after the tree stock for 10 private schools spanning 4 counties at present and this involves carrying out a Visual Hazard Assessment on 5 of the sites anually and 2 bi-anually. Luckily the weather has been kind this week allowing me to complete Surveys at 4 sites this week.

Declan is off on Paternity Leave this week after becoming a father to a little baby girl for the first time. Colin, our part-time Groundsman has been invaluable help over the last few weeks, covering for leave and days off as usual.

We have completed several very challenging jobs of late, the most notable being a very technical sectional fell of a very large Pinus Nigra in Abingdon that had outgrown its space and become dangerous. The added challenge in addition to the road, pavement and property were 3 overhead phone lines and an electricity cable running beneath the crown. The job involved removing the crown using a 50 ft MEWP (Cherry Picker), carefully rigging off small sections through the cables using a twin rope lowering system the sectioning off the huge main stem in 3ft chunks using our heavy-duty Stein rigging bollard. The job was completed successfully with no problems and drew a huge crowd of onlookers as most of the neighbourhood turned out to watch the spectacle!

We took […]

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Spring 2015 News

Spring 2015 News

We have had a very busy start to 2015 with several large projects now completed in addition to our regular domestic work. The weather has thankfully been relatively kind to us this winter with the exception of the odd miserable, muddy day where waterproofs and drying out smelly ropes in the airing cupboard have been the order of the day! It certainly makes us appreciate the good days.

We have invested heavily in new equipment over the last 3 months and now have 2 new vehicles added to the fleet – another Mitsubishi tipper truck to replace the ageing Isuzu that died before Christmas, and a specially built Land Rover tipper that has joined the other 2 Land Rovers we have that enable us to tackle off-road and remote jobs that require 4 wheel drive access capabilities. I was planning on selling the old Land Rover tipper that is now 26 years old and has served us well for the last 7 years, however I just can’t bear to part with it yet – it has been an excellent workhorse and is still very reliable.

Our new addition to the team, Declan, has now found his feet and is currently undergoing his NPTC training and assessment in chainsaw cross-cutting and maintenance. He will no doubt soon feel less left-out when all around are wielding chainsaws to great effect! Colin has been helping us more this year and is now doing 2-3 days a week, mainly filling in for leave and sick days.

We are all now looking forward to the (hopefully) better Spring weather – the birds will be starting to nest soon so we will have to start being vigilant towards disturbing nests, plus […]

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Winter 2014 News

A new full-time member of the team, Declan Carroll, joined us in November. He has fitted in well and is currently developing his skills as a groundsman. He will be trained and assessed through the NPTC for chainsaw use in the New Year.

We have had a challenging end to the year with Dax Hedges and Tom Davies off on long-term sick leave. We hope to be back to full capacity in the New Year.

We have recently purchased a tracked woodchipper and a replacement 7″ chipper to add to the fleet of equipment. A new Mitsubishi tipper truck has also been ordered for delivery in the New Year.

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Spring/Summer 2014 News

We have been enormously busy lately dealing with the ‘lush’ start to the growing season! A wet winter coupled with a relatively mild spring has seen excellent growth extension on all trees and shrubs.

We have also been busy processing all the timber we took last year in to logs for sale this coming winter. We have some excellent quality wood in stock this year so please do give us a call towards the end of the summer to place an order.

Dax Hedges rejoined the team in March after a spell in New Zealand working as an aborist. He has re-established himself well within the team and is now our lead climber.

We have now been a verified member of Checkatrade for nearly a year and are very proud of our current total feedback score of 9.9 out of 10, based on over 70 customer feedback reports. This score illustrates well our continued and consistent approach to providing a high quality and reliable service for a good price and I am personally very proud of the guys for ensuring our high standards are upheld.

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Winter 2013 News

A new full-time employee, Tom Kenyon, joins us on 4. November. He comes from a background in forestry and grounds maintenance. We are all looking forward to another pair of hands ‘on deck’!

Ryan Beckett and Tom Davies have just both passed their NPTC Climbing and Aerial Rescue assessments with flying colours. They will be starting to ‘learn the ropes’ over the coming months alongside our experienced climbers, Andrew and Sam.

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Summer 2013 News

The company has been accepted on to the recently-launched OxLogs scheme – please visit the ‘Woodfuel’ page for further details.

We are now proud members of Checkatrade and were the first Tree Surgery business to be accepted on to the scheme in Oxfordshire. This involved a detailed examination of the business by Checkatrade, from the collection of feedback to examination of Health and Safety records and insurances. We are pleased that we passed with flying colours and were accepted in August as ‘Recommended, Vetted and Montitored’.

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Company News

Andrew was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Awards as part of the Choose Abingdon programme earlier this year – he was a finalist and received recognition at the Good Living event at Miele Abingdon on Friday 22. March where he was presented with a Highly Commended certificate.

The event was a huge success and a great venue to show off the business and its achievements – a very successful trade stand was also held at the event which helped to further raise the businesses profile locally.

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