Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process of removing the lower limbs of a tree forming the base of the crown to allow traffic, people or an object to pass underneath the tree. The removal of the main lower scaffold or lateral branches is essential on roadside trees to allow head-room for tall lorries and double-decker buses to pass underneath.

Crown lifting is also used where shading needs to be reduced in garden situations or where branches are causing interference to buildings or access routes. It can be used as an alternative to crown reduction in some instances.

Crown lifting is best carried out in the late summer months when the tree is in full leaf and the limbs have dropped to their lowest level with the full weight of the foliage. The problem could then be at its worst and it is often easier to judge where to cut to create a new base to the tree’s crown. If large cuts need to be made on the main scaffold branches or the trunk, they then have time to start to heal before winter when the rate of healing is much slower. There is also less danger of bleeding at this time.


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