The business operates 5 chippers ranging from 6″ to 9″ in capacity. We have recently purchased a tracked machine, designed to access restricted areas or difficult terrain. The smallest of our machines has flotation tyres fitted, allowing us to access sensitive or waterlogged areas with the minimum of damage to the ground. We have also recently invested in a large 9″ machine that allows us to process large volumes of arisings and wood (particularly conifer) very quickly, thereby taking less time to complete larger jobs and passing on a cost saving to you. All arisings are chipped on site in to our trucks, converting prunings and wood up to 9” in diameter in to small dimensional wood chippings. If you do not ask to keep the woodchip, it is taken to a local farm where it is mixed with manure and composted over a period of 5 years to produce a rich humus to add organic matter to heavy clay farmland. All processed material is recycled wherever possible.

We’re happy to chip existing (cut) prunings too, provided they are free from contaminants such as fencing materials, wire and stones.

Please note – the chippers are NOT available for hire.


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