I write this post-Christmas in my warm office looking out at a wintry landscape – it’s a beautiful frosty morning outside; i’m only sad i’m not working as I love being outdoors in these conditions. You work harder to warm up! We are all enjoying our annual Christmas break. We finished work on 23rd. December and will return to normal working hours on 3rd. January 2017.

We have had an exceptionally busy end to the year and a good 2016 overall, characterised by a slower start to the year than usual and a busier end. We have been lucky with the weather so far this Winter – a couple of cold snaps and generally placid weather with little wind and some very mild days. It has been generally dry too, save the odd miserable day that one expects of a British Winter. The Autumn of 2016 was one of the latest I can remember, running at least 2 weeks behind average. The trees were late to lose their leaves with the usual Oak and Beech hanging on until last, The lack of stronger winds and the milder weather meant that the trees held their leaves for much longer than usual and the first sharp frosts in November eventually shifted the bulk of them to the floor. We had some lovely colours to behold this Autumn too by virtue of the gradual change in average temperatures and the Autumn sunshine.

We have just replaced Tom Davies who left us at the end of September after 5 years to move on to pastures new. Ed Williams will be starting work for us at the end of January and we are all looking forward to being back up to […]