Now that Summer is firmly behind us and we have had the first (albeit light) frost of the Autumn, I have had a chance to draw breath after the busiest Summer we have experienced in 10 years of business and write this. We have managed to keep the weeks packed full with the generally good weather. Tom Davies who has been with the Company since January 2012 left to move on to pastures new at the end of September after nearly 5 years with us. He has decided to change careers and pursue a job that is less physically demanding after his knee injury earlier this year. We all wish him well and miss his cheerful nature and good humour already.

Declan is completing his Climbing and Aerial Rescue course next week with a view to be able to carry out aerial rescues for our main climbers if the need arises.

The log orders are beginning to pick up now after an exceptionally mild September and early October – the mild Winter last year meant that many people had a surplus of wood so we have seen a quieter start to the season than normal. We have another excellent stock of seasoned wood for sale this year ready for immediate dispatch.

The Autumn is slow to get underway with many trees still in full green leaf. The Acers and younger Ash and Poplar are starting to turn and some lovely colours are starting to develop. The cool nights and warm days aid the development of Anthocyanins, the coloured pigments that develop from the breaking down of the green chlorophyll, so we should see a good show of colour this year if we hang on to the warm […]