2016 is a milestone year for the Company as it is 10 years since I graduated from College and set up the business on my own with an old Land Rover Discovery and a trailer, a couple of chainsaws and a lot of very ‘green’ energy and enthusiasm! A part-time employee soon followed and the Company was born. I remember those early days well, climbing on a 3 knot system, burning everything we could wherever we could and dreaming of a chipper and a shiny new van..

We have gone from strength to strength in recent years and I would like to personally thank all of our customers, particularly the many regular clients that come back to us year after year for all of your support over the last 10 years. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Winter 2015-16 has been characterised by a warm start and a cold end! We have seen huge variations in temperature and rainfall, confusing trees and plants with an unusually mild December and January. Daffodils were blooming in cities in early February and I saw several Hawthorn breaking bud towards the end of the month.

Nevertheless, we have had a very busy few months with a fair smattering of ‘extreme weather events’ (windy days!) to add to the regular workload, clearing up windblown material and the odd fallen tree.

We had the difficult job of negotiating the fate of the Iffley Horse Chestnut in February. This magnificent old Veteran, estimated at around 250 years old, stands outside St. Mary’s church in Iffley. It has sadly been in accelerated decline over the past 5 years and a Tree Inspection carried out by Oxford City Council gave 2 options, […]