Spring 2015 News

We have had a very busy start to 2015 with several large projects now completed in addition to our regular domestic work. The weather has thankfully been relatively kind to us this winter with the exception of the odd miserable, muddy day where waterproofs and drying out smelly ropes in the airing cupboard have been the order of the day! It certainly makes us appreciate the good days.

We have invested heavily in new equipment over the last 3 months and now have 2 new vehicles added to the fleet – another Mitsubishi tipper truck to replace the ageing Isuzu that died before Christmas, and a specially built Land Rover tipper that has joined the other 2 Land Rovers we have that enable us to tackle off-road and remote jobs that require 4 wheel drive access capabilities. I was planning on selling the old Land Rover tipper that is now 26 years old and has served us well for the last 7 years, however I just can’t bear to part with it yet – it has been an excellent workhorse and is still very reliable.

Our new addition to the team, Declan, has now found his feet and is currently undergoing his NPTC training and assessment in chainsaw cross-cutting and maintenance. He will no doubt soon feel less left-out when all around are wielding chainsaws to great effect! Colin has been helping us more this year and is now doing 2-3 days a week, mainly filling in for leave and sick days.

We are all now looking forward to the (hopefully) better Spring weather – the birds will be starting to nest soon so we will have to start being vigilant towards disturbing nests, plus […]