We have been enormously busy lately dealing with the ‘lush’ start to the growing season! A wet winter coupled with a relatively mild spring has seen excellent growth extension on all trees and shrubs.

We have also been busy processing all the timber we took last year in to logs for sale this coming winter. We have some excellent quality wood in stock this year so please do give us a call towards the end of the summer to place an order.

Dax Hedges rejoined the team in March after a spell in New Zealand working as an aborist. He has re-established himself well within the team and is now our lead climber.

We have now been a verified member of Checkatrade for nearly a year and are very proud of our current total feedback score of 9.9 out of 10, based on over 70 customer feedback reports. This score illustrates well our continued and consistent approach to providing a high quality and reliable service for a good price and I am personally very proud of the guys for ensuring our high standards are upheld.